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Life Lessons I learned from Improv Class

As I groggily drove home from the final Improv 3 class at Second City, I tried to justify the now $1100 I have spent at the school.  Sure the classes are absolutely hysterical and so much fun.  And I can say without a doubt that I have not only stepped out my shell but I […]

Turning Twenty Seven

I have to admit that my previous post was a bit more dramatic then it probably needed to be.  I might not truthfully even know what depression is… but I sure as hell was frustrated with life and couldn’t muster enough energy to write.   Maybe depression manifests itself differently for everyone – but there […]

The Acting Saga: Depressed

It was during my second intensive acting session at Margie Haber Studio.  I had just watched a playback of my audition tape and I was shocked by how disgustingly unattractive I looked.  Physically yes… but it was even more than that.  My eyes were completely void of emotion… they were just… blank.   The instructor […]

Acting Epiphany

I used to leave Aaron Speiser’s acting class with these great epiphanies.  Maybe the classes would take me to a dark place in my mind and bring up an onslaught of suppressed emotions.  Those night, I left feeling emotionally and physically drained… but always with a better understanding of who I am and where I […]

Best Acting Studios in Los Angeles

You probably couldn’t have come to a better place for ratings on LA’s BEST Acting Classes. As a cut throat theatrical agent, I’ve done extensive research to determine the most accredited programs.  As a hopeful starlet, I’ve graced the majority of these studios with an open mind. There are many amazing acting coaches in Los […]

One Hellish Audition

Actor life is getting a bit …how shall I say it… it is getting to be a bit of a struggle. I just left an audition at this beautiful theatre within walking distance to my apartment.  And when I pushed open the heavy mahogany doors I knew in my heart’s heart that I would land […]

Words from a Struggling Actress in Hollywood

Now I get it.  Struggling.  Actor.  Emphasis on the struggle. I’ve been neglecting my blog because I’ve been so absurdly busy.  How naive I was to imagine that quitting my job would free up all of my time.  I imagined I’d be working out twice a day, eating healthy, spending more time socializing, getting more […]

Pageant and Modeling Runway Walking Tips

On Sunday I taught a runway modeling seminar to 50 students at Emerson for their annual Spring fashion show.  I scoured the internet searching for a worksheet of sorts I could print out, but came up empty handed.  So I created my own.  Enjoy. RUNWAY WALKING TIPS FACE & HEAD: Keep your face loose, and […]

Working as an Extra – The Real Story

Welp. Extra work is a little less exciting than I initially anticipated. 8 am call time. Some less than friendly woman corals the downtrodden extras and sifts through their bags of clothes searching desperately for something passable in case we happen to make .01 second of the commercial. From here, we sit and watch the […]

Quitting the Desk Job.

Quitting. what a lackluster word if I’ve ever heard one. Quitting resonates a sense of failure. that youve given up.And, well.. maybe I have given up. But not on my life and dreams, I’ve given up a job that was stifling and suffocating me in order to pursue a creative outlet. So, I’ll keep this […]