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10 Steps to Throwing the Perfect Engagement Pool Party

I am a sucker for love and I live for a good celebration… but there’s something about engagement parties that always feel so stuffy and forced to me.  The bombardment of “sooo have you two set a date?”  The awkward oogling of the ring.  The ‘oh, how do you know so and so’ and the […]

Bridal Shower Gift: Great DIY present ideas!

I get the necessity of a registry…and I am no stranger to purchasing off of one.  But for a bridal shower it’s hard for me to bring myself to buy the spice rack and feel excited about it, no matter how much the bride and groom might genuinely want or need it. For me, buying a […]

How to throw a San Francisco Send Off Party!

When your best friends pack up and ships off to San Francisco, it would be blasphemy not to give her a proper send off.  A San Fran send off to be exact 🙂 This theme is easily executed with minimal expenses… but the creative possibilities are endless!  Here’s a few simple ideas to get you […]

DIY Bride Flip Flops for the Bachelorette Party!

It seems that more and more brides are opting for an over the top destination bachelorette party instead of the traditional single night of drinks in one’s hometown.  (For example.. check out my recent bachelorette party trip to Cabo).  These vacations are outrageously fun… but equally pricey.  Which leaves a lot less room for showering the bride to […]

The Windowsill Saga

There’s something off about my oversized kitchen windowsill.. but I just can’t put my finger on what it is. I rearrange the photos, switch out the flowers, add herbs.. take away herbs, light candles, prop up plates… I’ve tried it all, and yet there just seems to be this lack of harmony I can’t fix. […]

DIY Cookie Decorating Bar!

What an adorably perfect holiday party idea… thought of by me! 🙂

Gardening Tips 2: From One Novice to Another

1. perennials mean it comes back every year.. supposedly. 2. While your screaming bloody murder because a toad had the misfortune of scaring the shit out of you by popping out of the weeds you neglected out of laziness, don’t get bit by horse flies… I swear they live for this. 3. Horse flies are […]