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Reshape your Morning Ritual for Success

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed?  Not a thing. Starting your morning off wrong and setting a negative tone for the rest of your day?  Totally a thing. I believe in mindfulness, in finding inner peace and clarity of thoughts so you can present your best self to the world each day. […]

Dear World: I apologize for Trump Supporters

Dear World, I hope you accept this letter as a formal apology for my fellow Americans, they know not the repercussions of their support of Donald Trump. The allegiance to a tyrannical, sexist, racist, egotistical media-whore like Trump can be summed up in two words: ignorance and fear. You see, while America boasts itself as a land of educational […]

it’s not wanderlust 

I couldn’t sleep last night.  I was stuck in this weird limbo of being too exhausted to write but too wired to dream. Next to me, my fiancés chest roared lightly with a rhythmic snore, my dogs warm fur separating us. I couldn’t help but smile as I let myself appreciate the moment. As I […]

18 Pieces of Life Advice from Loved Ones

I was sitting outside catching my breath from a jog and watching the world go by.  It was a warm mid summer’s eve and the night felt peaceful and reflective… yet my mind lingered on my usual worries. “Am I crazy for trying to act and host still?” “will I ever make it through my […]

Choosing Bridesmaids

I just got engaged. (insert squeals). Yes, someone decided they wanted to deal with my bad joke telling, singing out of key, obnoxiously optimistic self for the rest of ever (see what I did there).  I am over-the-moon beside myself giddy with excitement… but God am I stressed. It’s not the venue, or cold feet, or […]

A Farewell to My Dog

It would have been an otherwise ordinary summer day between my freshman and sophomore year of high school, but this particular Tuesday was going to be a monumental one for me.  It was the day I was finally getting my braces removed. After my mom and I celebrated with ice cream sundaes, I felt a […]

The Windowsill Saga

There’s something off about my oversized kitchen windowsill.. but I just can’t put my finger on what it is. I rearrange the photos, switch out the flowers, add herbs.. take away herbs, light candles, prop up plates… I’ve tried it all, and yet there just seems to be this lack of harmony I can’t fix. […]

Tuesday Morning Musings 

Two years ago at Coachella I found a bumper sticker that changed my life.  The stickers long gone, but the words have lived within me since.  And when I need a little inspiration they always come flooding back.  Todays one of those days. xx

Hotel Beauty Hacks!

I have a love affair with traveling (shocker, and you thought traveling fig was about coding didn’t you), which happens to lead to the inaccurate assumption that I must be a packing wizard.   And while I have improved over the years, there isn’t a shred of magic in my half-hazard stuffing of belongings into a bag.  How the […]

Mother’s Day Confessions

Dear Mom, I was thinking of writing some sappy post about how much I appreciate you, and maybe throwing in a Mother’s Day quote out of a Hallmark card for good measure.  …but considering I’ll probably be yapping at you about something utterly irrelevant before I can even click publish, that type of ode to you […]