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My Compatibility Test

Lets skip the lying on an online dating profile and take a foolproof compatibility test, shall we? I don’t like you if…  You think NPR is a music group you haven’t heard of. You have ordered a fried fish sandwich from Mcdonalds or Burger King. You’ve asked Siri to have sex with you. You can’t […]

20 Signs You are Addicted to Pinterest

“Life isn’t measured measured by how many breaths you take, it’s measured by how many boards you have” 1. Before pinterest, crafting was for elderly women.  Who has time to sit around and crochet a scarf when you could go buy one?  But you just took up knitting. And baking.  And crafting.  And now Pier […]

One Hellish Audition

Actor life is getting a bit …how shall I say it… it is getting to be a bit of a struggle. I just left an audition at this beautiful theatre within walking distance to my apartment.  And when I pushed open the heavy mahogany doors I knew in my heart’s heart that I would land […]

Friday Rant

I want to formally apologize for beings so obnoxiously preachy and optimistic lately.  All this recent booking success is getting to my head and clouding my cynical edge.   Long gone are the posts fueled by misery as a theatrical agent I suppose. Nonetheless, I know there’s still a bit of wit somewhere in me, […]

how to ‘do’ Hipster in Hollywood

Alright.  There’s something I need to get off my chest. I am all for ‘hipster’ and even dress quite ‘hipster-esque’ on occasion, but the hollywood hipsters seem to be a tad confused. Lets take some lessons from the NY crowd shall we? 1. Hipsters should look like they’re not trying – but still pull off […]

Valentines Day Quiz: Do I Have a Keeper?

Loooooooove is in the air, and I’m smitten with it!   On this day of blissful romance and an abundance of chocolates, I’ve decided to check my negative vibe and embrace the holiday whole heartedly! (pun totally intended) Hopefully my dear followers have already determined where their significant others fall short on the douchebag quiz […]

A Case of the Wednesdays

Wah, I hate Mondays.  Boo hoo, it’s Monday.  woe is me.  sniffle sniffle. drowning in my sorrows. What are you complaining about?  You just got a weekend, who cares if its Monday its the first day back after a restful (or epic) Sunday Funday.  I’ll tell you what the real week killer is: realizing it’s […]

The 10 Commandments of a Southern Belle

Now I have never been to At Lana Geooorgia, nor have I ever said bless his heart aloud, but my character study class at Aaron Speiser Studio led me to delve into a world that has always captivated my curiosity – that of a Southern Belle. With the help of a good friend with Southern […]

Thanksgiving Thankful List:

Seems rather moronic to opt out on my hometown, THE land of our forefathers where the pilgrims landed and the first thanksgiving meal was enjoyed, in favor of another superficial turkey day in LA, but rising fuel costs and a suppressive work schedule has left me no other choice. What I’m usually thankful for in […]

So you want a Hollywood Talent Agent? Listen Up

As a misguided but hopeful aspiring actress, I have made countless mistakes on my quest for stardom. But as a commercial and theatrical talent agent at a boutique SAG franchised agency in Beverly Hills, I have witnessed some truly dreadful attempts at seeking representation. So here is my gift to you.  Straight from the mouth […]