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Reshape your Morning Ritual for Success

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed?  Not a thing. Starting your morning off wrong and setting a negative tone for the rest of your day?  Totally a thing. I believe in mindfulness, in finding inner peace and clarity of thoughts so you can present your best self to the world each day. […]

New Years Resolution: Do.

  I’ve been mulling over potential New Years Resolutions for the past few weeks until yesterday, when I finally sat down to compose a post dedicated to 2016… only to delete it in desperation moments before I hit ‘publish’. When I can’t find the words to write, or I’m dissatisfied with the product… well then I know I’m […]

3 Tips To Keeping your Weight Loss Resolution!

    1. BE REALISTIC & SPECIFIC!  ….for example: “I want to fit into a size 6 by April 1st”   2.GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY! …pick someone to share your goal with you, whether a friend or through an online forum (or through the Traveling Fig facebook page!)   3. EASE IN! …Don’t shock your body by […]

5 Easy Moves to Chiseled Abs!

Five years ago I had an inclination to try a Pilates class.  The lengthening and stretching kept me entertained; the planks and leg lifts challenged. Yet while I shook uncontrollably from bracing my abs… I didn’t feel like I was necessarily getting in a workout. This wasn’t cycling followed by kettlebells, ya know? For me, losing weight and getting […]

The perfect trip to Napa

So you’ve got yourself a vacation booked to wine country do you?  Before you panic at the sheer magnitude of vineyards every guide book says you MUST visit, let me tell you some insider information.   You will never conquer Napa.  It is an always evolving magical kingdom (yes, like an adult Disney) that is […]

Pace Restaurant, A Five Star Review

Maybe it’s the suppressed hipster in me, but I love an unassuming hidden gem.  Nothing makes me cringe worse than the glow of Olive Garden’s offensive interpretation of Tuscany.   You couldn’t drag me kicking and screaming into any chain restaurant systematically cranking out dishes drenched in butter and swimming in grease.  Enjoy yourself, I’ll […]