Mace, switchblade, gps tracking system implanted in my neck, .. I even got vaccinated for malaria in case the sex traffickers who captured me wanted to ship me overseas. Yep, I took all the usual precautions for my trip to the desolate, dangerous and dirty: Mexico City.   Unfortunately, before I could even spot my bag […]

  Yes, this cheeseball snowman is adorable, but it also is absolutely addicting.  Like, ‘all will power out the window I’m going to gobble off his entire head in a barbaric manner’ addicting. Which can be a good and bad thing.  Good because you will be praised, bad because the snowman will look like it’s been bull-dozed […]

If I were to come up with my top 10 conversational travel places, Amalfi Coast would absolutely grace the list.  The 50 km stretch of coastline dotted with colorful towns carved into the cliffside is a cherished destination for Europeans and Americans alike.  A place for the bougie, who enjoy sailing and sipping italian rose´ and don’t […]

Stop Winching when I talk about my trip to Turkey. When I mention in conversation that I have just returned from a quick holiday there, I generally get the most unpleasant reactions. Italy, France and Switzerland elicit squeals of delight and curiosity… but their mediterranean cousin? Not so much.  But I get it.  There is a global […]

  Thanksgiving can be healthy and delicious! Swap your grandma’s butter & sugar laden recipes for these healthier alternatives this year. There’s no reason to sacrifice your weight loss and diet goals!   Check out this video on quick tips & tricks to cut that fat but not the flavor this Thanksgiving!     Sample […]

Five years ago I had an inclination to try a Pilates class.  The lengthening and stretching kept me entertained; the planks and leg lifts challenged. Yet while I shook uncontrollably from bracing my abs… I didn’t feel like I was necessarily getting in a workout. This wasn’t cycling followed by kettlebells, ya know? For me, losing weight and getting […]

Oh Bangkok, how do I even begin to describe you?  Delicious.  We’ll start there. You go to Bangkok to eat.  For some culture and an elephant ride? head to Chiang Mai. You’re looking for the white sand beaches?  Scoot over to Phuket.  But Bangkok?  This is where you go for the food …with an asterisk on […]

Eating in Rome. The image you are conjuring probably involves two mouth watering savory plates of pasta by candlelight on a quiet side street with just bottled chianti from the restaurant owner’s personal vineyard. Ugh, if only it were this easy. Truth be told, it is next to impossible to ‘stumble’ upon a great restaurant in […]

Nothing says fall like a pumpkin roll.  I am talking a stick of butter, cup(s) of sugar and block(s) of cream cheese with trace amounts of pumpkin and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  My mouth is salivating just thinking about taking it from the fridge, gingerly unwrapping it from its tinfoil cocoon and cutting a hefty slice to enjoy […]

You know what really kills me?  About a month ago I was sitting on my couch lost in a blog post recounting a couple’s horrific experience driving in Italy.  It wasn’t just a red flag… it was a fire alarm warning against making the grave mistake of ruining ones vacation for the ‘freedom’ of renting a […]