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Life Lessons I learned from Improv Class

As I groggily drove home from the final Improv 3 class at Second City, I tried to justify the now $1100 I have spent at the school.  Sure the classes are absolutely hysterical and so much fun.  And I can say without a doubt that I have not only stepped out my shell but I […]

Turning Twenty Seven

I have to admit that my previous post was a bit more dramatic then it probably needed to be.  I might not truthfully even know what depression is… but I sure as hell was frustrated with life and couldn’t muster enough energy to write.   Maybe depression manifests itself differently for everyone – but there […]

The Acting Saga: Depressed

It was during my second intensive acting session at Margie Haber Studio.  I had just watched a playback of my audition tape and I was shocked by how disgustingly unattractive I looked.  Physically yes… but it was even more than that.  My eyes were completely void of emotion… they were just… blank.   The instructor […]

Best Acting Studios in Los Angeles

You probably couldn’t have come to a better place for ratings on LA’s BEST Acting Classes. As a cut throat theatrical agent, I’ve done extensive research to determine the most accredited programs.  As a hopeful starlet, I’ve graced the majority of these studios with an open mind. There are many amazing acting coaches in Los […]

Words from a Struggling Actress in Hollywood

Now I get it.  Struggling.  Actor.  Emphasis on the struggle. I’ve been neglecting my blog because I’ve been so absurdly busy.  How naive I was to imagine that quitting my job would free up all of my time.  I imagined I’d be working out twice a day, eating healthy, spending more time socializing, getting more […]

A Review of Aaron Speiser Acting Studio

I’ve been taking classes at Aaron Speiser’s studio.  More for self exploration and a breather from the stress of office life than for pursuit of an acting career, but my experience has been fruitful to say the least. I am enrolled under the pseudom of working for an ad agency for the fear that leaking […]

So you want a Hollywood Talent Agent? Listen Up

As a misguided but hopeful aspiring actress, I have made countless mistakes on my quest for stardom. But as a commercial and theatrical talent agent at a boutique SAG franchised agency in Beverly Hills, I have witnessed some truly dreadful attempts at seeking representation. So here is my gift to you.  Straight from the mouth […]