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3 Reasons to Visit Bangkok, Thailand

Oh Bangkok, how do I even begin to describe you?  Delicious.  We’ll start there. You go to Bangkok to eat.  For some culture and an elephant ride? head to Chiang Mai. You’re looking for the white sand beaches?  Scoot over to Phuket.  But Bangkok?  This is where you go for the food …with an asterisk on […]

10 Essential Paris Travel Tips: Before you Go

10 tips for Planning your trip to Paris: Before you go..  1. Get an international plan for your cell phone before you leave, don’t assume you’ll find a sim card in the airport (you won’t) or that there’s a cell provider on every corner like in the US (there isn’t).  You will be so grateful […]

it’s not wanderlust 

I couldn’t sleep last night.  I was stuck in this weird limbo of being too exhausted to write but too wired to dream. Next to me, my fiancés chest roared lightly with a rhythmic snore, my dogs warm fur separating us. I couldn’t help but smile as I let myself appreciate the moment. As I […]

The Best Day of My Life: Patara Elephant Farm in Thailand

You wake up in your rice paddy villa and enjoy fresh mangosteen and rich coffee on your porch as the sun softly sparkles in the horizon.  You anticipate that your day ahead is going to be wonderful… but you have absolutely no idea that it will drastically change your life forever. Patara Elephant Farm The […]

Visiting Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you’re in the business of bucketlist check offs then a trip to Vietnam would be insufficient without a junk boat cruise through Halong Bay.  Sanctioned by UNESCO as a world heritage site, the over 1600 limestone islands jutting up from crystal waters are a preserved homage to mother nature.

A Weekend in New Orleans: An EAT-Cation!

This past week I earned a very coveted foodie badge: Eating (and drinking) my way through New Orleans!  I know you are jealous.. and you should be.  My long weekend of indulging in beignets and po’boys was one for the books.  But since I’m trying to build my karma tank, I have decided to share […]

The Bucket List, A Work in Progress

After two days of binge eating and wine guzzling between sobs of pity and bitterness, i have decided to refocus my energy. My new goal is to get through my ever growing bucket list. A lot has been crossed off, like Europe, spending a new years in NY, gamble in Vegas, publish a book, etc. […]

Visiting Bend, Oregon : Your Complete Guide

So you’ve decided to visit Bend, Oregon! If you like outdoor activities, granola, and beer then you have a fabulous vacation ahead of you! WHERE TO LODGE: Lodging options is rather limited. We stayed at the Shilo Inn and Suites, and while they are rather outdated (and the ceiling mirrors were a little odd), the […]