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Chia Seeds: Why & How to Add Them to Your Diet

Let’s talk Chia Seeds. They’re kind of my little weight loss superfood miracles right now, and let me tell you why. High in fiber, a teaspoon of chia seeds can make you feel full faster, reduce cravings and aid in weight loss.  I should also mention that they are incredibly easy to digest and don’t tax […]

Skinny Shopper: Grocery List & Reading Labels

I quickly put together an easy shopping guide to take along to the grocery store.  For me, if there’s nothing to tempt me, then I can stay on track.  But I’ve never been one to have just the serving size of granola, or trail mix… or ‘healthy’ cookies.  So when I’m trying to slim down, […]

Your Healthy Thanksgiving Menu: Easy & Delicious Swaps!

  Thanksgiving can be healthy and delicious! Swap your grandma’s butter & sugar laden recipes for these healthier alternatives this year. There’s no reason to sacrifice your weight loss and diet goals!   Check out this video on quick tips & tricks to cut that fat but not the flavor this Thanksgiving!     Sample […]

Healthy & Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread!

Nothing says fall like a pumpkin roll.  I am talking a stick of butter, cup(s) of sugar and block(s) of cream cheese with trace amounts of pumpkin and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  My mouth is salivating just thinking about taking it from the fridge, gingerly unwrapping it from its tinfoil cocoon and cutting a hefty slice to enjoy […]

Quick & Easy Summer BBQ Dessert: Fresh Fruit Tart

Summer. Oh how I adore you and your long days, warm nights and endless cookouts.  And the fresh produce.  I will never tire of the picked-that-day goodness. Truthfully, a handful (full basket) of blueberries or a slice (entire) watermelon is usually dessert enough for me in the summer time… but it’s no secret that I’ve got […]

Healthy & Organic: Greek Pesto Potato Salad

Let’s take a moment to recognize Grandma’s potato salad she faithfully brings to every summer cookout. Creamy and delicious, this ‘salad’ packs on the nostalgia just as quickly as it packs on the pounds.  I mean the two main ingredients are white potatoes and mayonnaise, you couldn’t have really thought it was waist slimming, could […]

Healthy Packaged Goods I Can’t Live Without

Someone recently asked me to do a post on what I typically eat, and it kind of stumped me.  When I am home, I’m always in the kitchen trying new recipes.  I’ll make a big casserole dish of some eggplant concoction ( like Eggplant and Zucchini Rollatinis!) or maybe get fancy with Chicken Piccata that I’ll […]

Curry & Harissa Chickpea and Poached Egg Skillet

On a relentless quest to impress guests, tickle tastebuds and create healthy, organic and gluten free dishes… I sometime’s hit a cooker’s block.  Yesterday was one of those days. But then I remembered this out of this world delicious chickpea harissa concoction I had for breakfast a few months back from this perfect little farm […]

Healthy Beet & Caramelized Onion Hummus

Why beets in hummus?  Well first, they are absolutely delicious and their sweetness balances the savory flavor of tahini, chickpeas and olive oil perfectly.  Second, the dip looks fun and festive for any gathering!  And third, beets are superfood powerhouses with the ability to detox your liver, fight inflammation and lower your blood pressure. This […]

Healthy & DELICIOUS Dark Chocolate chip Banana Bread (GLUTEN FREE!)

Is there really anything better than a slice of grilled banana bread with coffee in the morning?  Well yeah… fitting into skinny jeans is perhaps a bit more preferable.   A traditional banana bread holds little to zilch nutritional value.  Instead it is a sugar bomb that leaves your insides wishing you reached for the […]