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3 Reasons to Visit Bangkok, Thailand

Oh Bangkok, how do I even begin to describe you?  Delicious.  We’ll start there. You go to Bangkok to eat.  For some culture and an elephant ride? head to Chiang Mai. You’re looking for the white sand beaches?  Scoot over to Phuket.  But Bangkok?  This is where you go for the food …with an asterisk on […]

Where & What to Eat in Paris

Paris, like most tourist infested cities, is a mecca of over priced mediocre restaurants and bars.  You have to seriously do some investigative work to find a place worthy of spending your euro and expanding your wasteline.. especially when we’re talking in the calories we are expecting to consume.  Luckily, I have put in my […]

10 Essential Paris Travel Tips: Before you Go

10 tips for Planning your trip to Paris: Before you go..  1. Get an international plan for your cell phone before you leave, don’t assume you’ll find a sim card in the airport (you won’t) or that there’s a cell provider on every corner like in the US (there isn’t).  You will be so grateful […]

Medellin to Santa Marta, Getting There

Medellin is one of those infectious places that if you miss your flight, whether on purpose or not, you run the risk of staying forever. And it was tempting.  Another ‘hot havana night’ in the salsa club and I might have fallen pray to the Medellin drug.  No, not cocaine, but something much more irresistable […]

Catalina Island: A Kayak Adventure!

 I have been to Catalina Island twice, and the two trips could not have been more different. Trip one: EXPLORING Catalina via Kayak We excitedly bounced onto the Catalina Express Ferry equipped with enormous backpacks filled to the brim with camping ‘necessities’ (ok and Matt brought his straightener).

The Perfect Summer Weekend in South Lake Tahoe

Well first, don’t go to lake Tahoe if you plan on doing water activities — the lakes always a comfy temperature of freezing. Really, the water is unbearably cold, the boat rentals are excruciatingly over priced and when we called to rent ATVs they were rented out for the next month. That being said, if […]

One Day in Toulouse, France

Toulouse is magical. Quintessential France, with the splendor of Paris – but not overrun with fanny pack touting tourists. If you only have one day to explore Toulouse, as I did, then your main objective should be to simply embrace this french wonderland.  Go right to the historic center, fuel up with a buttery, flakey […]

Pilgrimage to Lourdes, France: What to Do

With a little research and planning, the quaint town of Lourdes is completely conquerable in one weekend. Here is the list of things to see and do, ranked by importance.  If you can hit the first 5, you will undoubtedly feel satisfied with your pilgrimage, but the additional attractions are just in case you are […]

Lourdes, France: Where to Stay

WHERE TO STAY IN LOURDES: With 100s of hotels dotting each avenue, finding the perfect sanctuary for your pilgrimage can be overwhelming. We stayed at the Grand Hotel Moderne and I couldn’t have been happier. The sophisticated winding banisters lead guests from a dark but elegant dining room to 5 floors of rooms, most of […]