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Life Lessons I learned from Improv Class

As I groggily drove home from the final Improv 3 class at Second City, I tried to justify the now $1100 I have spent at the school.  Sure the classes are absolutely hysterical and so much fun.  And I can say without a doubt that I have not only stepped out my shell but I […]

Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Beach

You know that feeling of pure admiration and awe that awashes you when you are truly moved by a piece of art? Maybe it’s stepping into the Sistene Chapel and being enveloped by Michelangelo… or perhaps you stumble across a dreamy Monet painting in Museo de Madrid and you find yourself rendered speechless.  But it […]

Cronuts in LA

I planned on scouring LA for the best cronuts and making a top 10 list of the most coveted places to indulge in this pastry hybrid. But here I was in Abbot Kinney, and I happened to stumble into Rockenwagner’s German delicatessen.  I had no intent of trying their cronut, which was definitely not on […]

Best Rooftop Pools in LA

Ah, summertime in LA is finally here.  Time to agonize over which bathing suit makes my love handles less prominent, sip down frozen beverage after frozen beverage and post filtered pictures that make me look tanner. Los Angeles is great in the summertime.  You’re a quick ride to the beach, but for the lazy and […]

Stagecoach: What to Expect!

Coming off an epic weekend at Coachella, I had sworn myself to couch potatoism for at least the next month in hopes of partial mental and physical recuperation. A mere 2 weeks later and I felt ready to emerge, agreeing to attend an engagement party in Newport.  It would be a mellow adult night of […]

A Weekend Getaway to Palm Springs!

UPDATE: I originally posted this article on May of 2012, and while my love obsession with Palm Springs hasn’t wavered, I have discovered a few new favorites for Hotel & Restaurants.  These additions are highlighted in pink.  if you don’t golf, you aren’t retired and you are not an active member of the gay community, […]

Lunch at Mariposa

Before I dive into my trip to Mariposa, let me spend a split second hitting upon one of my favorite lunch places in Los Angeles, which, coincidentally is also located in a Beverly Hills Department Store. Greengrass Beanery on top of Barneys (what! you didn’t know it existed! Meer Peasants!) has long stood as a […]

Bottega Louie: A Five Star Review!

So you’ve decided to finally venture to Oz, or downtown LA (both an obscurity in your mind), to cross Bottega Louie off your foodie bucket list have you?  I can nearly guarantee you WILL be disappointed.  Wait, what?!  But Chelsea you gave it five stars! Hear me out.

The Best Restaurants in LA by Category

I’m constantly on the hunt for ‘the best of LA’ …but I’ve quite exasperated the internet with my quest.  My searches for “best steakhouse” “most romantic”  “bottomless mimosas” etc. elicit a ‘top 10’ list from the generic conglomerate websites like Yelp, Gayot and Urbanspoon.  And while I don’t necessarily think their lists would lead you […]

Nespresso of Beverly Hills: A Review

As a self proclaimed Beverly Hills dining aficionado, I pride myself in staying well acquainted with any new restaurant that pops up in 90210.    …So one can only imagine my giddiness when the new Nespresso Boutique Bar opened shop on Beverly Drive. The idea is novel to me.  The Nespresso Boutique is, in my […]