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Best Rooftop Pools in LA

Ah, summertime in LA is finally here.  Time to agonize over which bathing suit makes my love handles less prominent, sip down frozen beverage after frozen beverage and post filtered pictures that make me look tanner. Los Angeles is great in the summertime.  You’re a quick ride to the beach, but for the lazy and […]

Lunch at Mariposa

Before I dive into my trip to Mariposa, let me spend a split second hitting upon one of my favorite lunch places in Los Angeles, which, coincidentally is also located in a Beverly Hills Department Store. Greengrass Beanery on top of Barneys (what! you didn’t know it existed! Meer Peasants!) has long stood as a […]

The Best Restaurants in LA by Category

I’m constantly on the hunt for ‘the best of LA’ …but I’ve quite exasperated the internet with my quest.  My searches for “best steakhouse” “most romantic”  “bottomless mimosas” etc. elicit a ‘top 10’ list from the generic conglomerate websites like Yelp, Gayot and Urbanspoon.  And while I don’t necessarily think their lists would lead you […]

Nespresso of Beverly Hills: A Review

As a self proclaimed Beverly Hills dining aficionado, I pride myself in staying well acquainted with any new restaurant that pops up in 90210.    …So one can only imagine my giddiness when the new Nespresso Boutique Bar opened shop on Beverly Drive. The idea is novel to me.  The Nespresso Boutique is, in my […]

Visiting Los Angeles: One Day in LA as a Local!

Greetings from the Entertainment Capitol of the World!  Los Angeles is known for celebrity sitings, swaying palm trees, studio lot tram rides and activity laden piers.  And while I agree that a trip to So Cal would be incomplete without a healthy exploration of the tourist traps, there is much more to Los Angeles than […]

Insider Tips: Where to get the Best Cupcake in Los Angeles

With lines so long at Sprinkles that they actually installed a cupcake dispensing machine outdoors (which STILL has a line 15-20 deep, even at 11pm on a Friday!), it is apparent that the designer cupcake craze is here to stay.   To justify the absurd amount of money I have wasted getting chunky off cupcakes, I […]

Summer of #Hashtags

As seen in the publication of FGM Magazine Summer 2013 Issue under the column “The Bubbly” Tis the summer of #HASHTAGS and all things trending!  As July fast approaches and summer swings into full effect I wanted to take a few moments to summarize what is HOT and SIZZLING this summer in Los Angeles! For […]

Le Pain Review

Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy Urth Cafe just as much as the next socialite, but that doesn’t mean we should disregard Urth’s less crowded (and less pompous) neighbor, Le Pain Quotidien. What to order:  I come here for their bread baskets, which are served with signature raspberry and apricot jams and (drum roll) white […]

Surviving a Week of Job Interviewing in Los Angeles: Lessons Learned

So ends the week of interviewing hell. Well, to be exact, it has been two weeks of verifying that Assumption College is actually an accredited place of higher education and that Halifax, MA is really so small that we don’t even have our own High School. After flying home for uncle John’s funeral I was […]