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Healthy & Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread!

Nothing says fall like a pumpkin roll.  I am talking a stick of butter, cup(s) of sugar and block(s) of cream cheese with trace amounts of pumpkin and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  My mouth is salivating just thinking about taking it from the fridge, gingerly unwrapping it from its tinfoil cocoon and cutting a hefty slice to enjoy […]

Quick & Easy Summer BBQ Dessert: Fresh Fruit Tart

Summer. Oh how I adore you and your long days, warm nights and endless cookouts.  And the fresh produce.  I will never tire of the picked-that-day goodness. Truthfully, a handful (full basket) of blueberries or a slice (entire) watermelon is usually dessert enough for me in the summer time… but it’s no secret that I’ve got […]

Overnight Banana Foster’s French Toast Recipe (Lighter Version!)

So you’ve found yourself hosting a brunch.  Maybe it’s a bridal or baby shower, maybe it’s Christmas morning, or maybe you’ve just got company you feel like impressing.  Whatever the occasion, this banana fosters french toast goes above and beyond crowd pleasing.  Healthy?  Well that’s debatable.. but I have modified it quite a bit to […]

Healthy & DELICIOUS Dark Chocolate chip Banana Bread (GLUTEN FREE!)

Is there really anything better than a slice of grilled banana bread with coffee in the morning?  Well yeah… fitting into skinny jeans is perhaps a bit more preferable.   A traditional banana bread holds little to zilch nutritional value.  Instead it is a sugar bomb that leaves your insides wishing you reached for the […]

Recipe for Apple Cinnamon Chips

An apple a day keeps your waist whittling away …if you ask me.   But for some reason you can’t replace the crunch of your cape cod salt and vinegar chips with the crunch of a jazz apple.  I get it.  And I’m here to help.

Easy Get Skinny Tips That Work!

1. if your jaw actually aches after eating granola or nuts.. or anything.. it’s a good sign your body doesn’t want anymore. stop eating. 2. if you nibble while you cook.. cook healthy, then it doesn’t matter if you nibble. 3. if you nibble while you cook but can’t cook healthy because your boyfriend is […]

Healthy Apple Crunch Recipe!

An alternative to Apple Crisp – great as a dessert or as a granola!  This healthy recipe will keep you more than satisfied without de-railing your diet.

Halloween Monster Mash Party Menu & Recipes!

From spiked hot apple cider to fake fingers in the candy bowl – Halloween parties are an open canvas for creative hosts. I’ve got my second annual Ghoulish Gathering planned for this week, but while I review my favorites from last year, I thought I would share some of my best party food hits. 1. […]

Easter Dessert: Lemon Coconut Pound Cake

I was scouring the internet for a perfect Easter dessert.  I wanted something that would be great with coffee or a mimosa over a long brunch.  Something sweet, but not heavy… something that screamed “spring has sprung!” and something with a “wow” factor… but of course ;).  I came across a recipe for lemon coconut […]

The Most Moist & Delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes!

RED VELVET CUPCAKES – Normally I take a few recipes and put them together to make my own version, which I in-turn post.  This recipe is really too good to change.  I made a few little tweeks to make the cupcakes a little more goey, but this is straight from the internet.  And as a […]